Minecraft 1.18.2 with Slimefun


Common Commands

command description
/login <password> Login to the server
/dynmap webregister Register at the Dynmap to use the chat system
/slimefun guide Get a slimefun guide book

Additional plugins

Name Description
Armored Elytra Allows you to combine an elytra with a chest plate in an anvil.
BetterSlimeChunks Tells you the chunk is a slime chunk or not while you right click with a slime ball.
EditableSign You can Sneak+Right-click to edit the sign which is already placed!
Sleep Most Skip the night when 70% users sleep
Name Description
Slimefun4 Slimefun (SF) is a plugin that adds many features, such as jetpacks, staves, androids, explosive pickaxes and oranges. Think of it as a modded minecraft, but without having to install any mods on your client.
ChestTerminal This Addon is inspired by the mod AppliedEnergistics. It adds a Terminal to your Cargo Networks. You can request and store Items via the terminal and also import/export Items into chests.
ColoredEnderChests This Addon adds global color-coded Ender Chests that work across dimensions, with Cargo Nets and more!
DyedBackpacks This Addon adds 16 dyed variants for every Slimefun Backpack
EcoPower This addon is focused on climate-friendly and renewable energy sources. It features, wind turbines, steam turbines and more! You can even harness energy from lightning bolts!
ElectricSpawners This Addon adds Electric Spawners. You can turn any Repaired Spawners into Electric ones and they will run off Electricity! You can turn them on and off in their GUI.
ExtraGear This Addon adds new Weapons and Armor to Slimefun. Most of them are related to Alloys and Metals within Slimefun.
FluffyMachines This addon adds early and late game machines, generators, and items to make automation more fun. Among these are the Auto Crafting Table, Auto Ancient Altar, and Ender Chest Cargo Nodes.
HotbarPets This Addon - which is inspired by the mod InventoryPets - adds "Pet"-Items to Slimefun. You can carry your Pets in your Hotbar and they will help you in various ways. But you need to feed them of course!
LiteXpansion A remake of SlimeXpansion but without many of the unused items. This addon won't be as packed as SlimeXpansion as the name says, it will rather be "Lite".
MobCapturer This Addon adds a Mob Capturing Cannon which you can use to capture mobs as items. You can find more info on the project page, it is inspired by the Safari-Nets from the mod MineFactory Reloaded.
PrivateStorage This Addon adds a lot of new Chests to Slimefun, explosive-resistant chests, private chests and also wooden chests for the various Wood Types in Minecraft.
SlimefunOreChunks This Addon adds all existing dusts to the GEO-Miner. You can get stuff like "Copper Ore Chunks" from the GEO-Miner and then turn those into Dusts using an Ore Crusher.
SlimyTreeTaps This Addon adds Tree Taps and rubber, an alternative way to obtain Plastic Sheets.
SoulJars This Addon adds "Soul Jars" to the game. You can collect souls by killing a certain amount of mobs of the same type. You can then use this Soul Jar to craft Spawners.

Server side plugins